Adnan Durrani speaks about the next Trillion dollar market with mind numbing facts. He has successfully 3 times taken a startup idea from zero to tens / hundreds of millions of dollars within a very short span. He holds a 100% track record of successfully identifying early trends in Food and Beverage industry to benefit from it.

Adnan Durrani founded Vermont Pure in 1991. Today, Vermont Pure/Crystal Rock is the 2nd largest bottled water company in the Northeast U.S. As a principal investor and financial partner in Stonyfield Farms, Inc, he helped build it from $25 million in sales in 1994 to over $70 million and led its sale to Groupe Danone in 2001. Stonyfield today generates over $300 million in sales annually. Adnan Durrani was also a principal of Delicious Brands, Inc, which he scaled, with the financial backing of Carl Icahn, to become the 5th largest cookie brand in the U.S.

What does he think of the halal food market in the US? Play the video below to hear his views on the largely untapped Muslim Market as he quotes facts from Europe and America based on the extensive research undertaken by his invest firm. Adnan Durrani, is a very well known figure in the venture capitalist / investment circles in the Northeast and regularly attends meetings to evaluate investment ideas at Harvard, MIT and other renowned institutions within the US.

Adnan Durrani is leading the panel who will evaluate Entrepreneur Presentation at the American Muslim Consumer Conference this year (Oct 30, 2010 in Hyatt Regency – New Brunswick, NJ) and will provide brutal and open feedback to the Entrepreneurs looking for infusion of large capital into their business.

If you haven’t bought ticket, now is the time to take advantage of meeting Adnan Durrani and many such executives who will be attending the American Muslim Consumer Conference. Hurry, before the tickets are sold out.

Adnan Durrani currently is the Chief Halal Officer at the American Halal Co., Inc. who have launched the Saffron Road brand of halal cuisine at national supermarkets and food stores, such as Whole Foods.