AMCC features a company every week on our Facebook page promoting products or companies which are meeting the growing needs of American Muslim Consumers. Companies/Products which were featured in the month of January were:

University Islamic Financial

Time to switch to Islamic Banking, University Islamic Financial offers Residential home financing, commercial financing, checking accounts, saving accounts, free internet banking, 37,000 sur-charge free ATMs. UIFC is a Shariah compliant subsidiary of University Bank which is member FDIC.


Crescentrating is an online destination for Halal friendly travel services and facilities. Halal conscious market segment is becoming increasing mobile for both work and leisure and as such there is a need to provide travel and tourism facilities and services catering to the unique needs of this group of travelers says Crescentrating CEO, Fazal Bahardeen

Midamar Corporation

Midamar is a pioneer and leader in Halal food services. Midamar provides Halal food production and distribution, export management for US companies, and export services to restaurant concepts located throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, the Far East. Bill Aossey is the CEO of Midamar.

Zayan Takaful Insurance

Zayan Takaful has Introduced the first ever home owner’s Takaful program in the US. Homeowners policies are provided through a strategic relationship with Lexington Insurance Company, a member of the AIG family of companies.

At AMCC, we keep a pulse on the Muslim Consumer market. These articles which were on major media outlets talk about opportunities and the growing demand in the Muslim Consumer market:

Spreading the Wings of Islamic Finance in India’s Emerging Market

The Bombay Stock Exchange has launched a new stock index of companies that are compliant with the Islamic legal code, encouraging Muslims to invest in India’s fast-growing stock market.

Testing a new market – The Muslim American Consumer

For most retailers, the holidays can be the same. Get shoppers in, entice them with special sales and extended hours, sell big and send happy shoppers home. But Best Buy electronic stores are trying something different. For the second year in a row, Best Buy is reaching out to the Muslim-American Consumer.

Eat, Pray and Tweet. Social-networking sites have taken off in Indonesia. Who will profit?

WHAT does the most populous Muslim nation do in its spare time? Increasingly, it swaps gossip online. Indonesia is now the world’s second-largest market for Facebook and the third-largest for Twitter, according to several web research firms.

First Illinois University to serve Halal food

What do you do when you want to change something in your school? Feel frustrated and throw your hands up in the air or seek scholarly guidance and take action? A group of Muslims chose the latter – and now attend the first university in Illinois with Halal food on their college campus.

U.S. Companies Urged to Tap Into $170 Billion Muslim Consumer Market

U.S. companies are loosing out by neglecting a rather attractive and overlooked consumer: American Muslims.

Halal beauty products appeal to wide range of customers — notably non-Muslims

Like most women, Samina Akhter loved being in style and keeping up with the latest makeup trends. She didn’t give much thought to what was actually in the products she put on her skin — until two years ago.

Global Muslim population gains will outstrip non-Muslim growth over the next 20 year

The world’s Muslim population will grow at double the rate of non-Muslims over the next 20 years, according to a broad new demographic analysis that is likely to spark controversy in Europe and the United States.