AMCC features a company every week on its social media outlets (FacebookLinkedin and Twitter) promoting products or companies which are meeting the growing needs of American Muslim Consumers. Companies/Products featured in the month of August are:


Halal vitamins – NoorVitamins specializes in developing high quality halal vitamins, pure halal vitamins and dietary supplements for Muslim consumer. Our mission is to provide the Muslim community with the highest quality Halal vitamins and supplements in order to promote a healthy and Halal lifestyle. “We balance science and Islam in order to provide our consumers Halal vitamins and nutritional supplements of unsurpassed quality and value.”

Noor Kids

Today, our children face new challenges that previous Muslim generations have not. Noor Kids tries to solve these problems through our fun and exciting activity books. Their mission is to engage new generation of Muslim children in North America with Islamic knowledge, Muslim culture, and American integration through positive and playful Muslim American characters. Mohammed Aaser a graduate of Harvard Business School co-founded with his brother Amin.

At AMCC we keep a pulse on the Muslim Consumer market. These articles which were on major media outlets talk about opportunities and the growing demand in the Muslim Consumer market:

Can the headscarf be high street as well as haute couture?

Fashion is constantly looking for new influences, and is shaped by grassroots trends, as well as different cultures. It is a global phenomenon, and that the rising market is with young Muslim consumers, consumers who make up 11% of the world population, consumers who embrace and fuse together both fashion and faith in order to express their identity.

Neuroscience and the Changing Media Stereotypes of Muslims

Over the last five years, major television dramas such as “Law and Order,” “CSI” and “Grey’s Anatomy” have begun to introduce Muslim characters — and when they do, their ratings tend to increase.

Islamic finance qualifications prove increasingly fashionable

Islamic finance, one of the hottest topics in European and Middle Eastern financial training, is now being adopted in accountancy training too. Cima, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, has launched an Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance, intended for those working in accounting and financial services who want to move into Islamic finance, as well as those already working in the sector who want to broaden their knowledge.

Whole Foods become the first national retail chain to celebrate Ramadan

Whole Foods has become the first prominent supermarket chain to run a Ramadan marketing campaign–and they’re hoping Muslim customers will return the favor as they break fast. Even though Muslims traditionally forego meals during the day, lavish evening Ramadan meals could mean big bucks for the natural foods giant … as well as brand loyalty from a demographic not traditionally courted by megastore advertising