Over the last three years a small group of part time volunteers have worked tirelessly to conduct the American Muslim Consumer Conference. Since its launch in 2009, we have received many positive feedback and everyone who so far attended the conference gave us kudos for arranging a professional event which is much needed for the growing Muslim Community. We are the only platform which represent American Muslim Consumers and the only platform which helps promote American Muslim businesses and Entrepreneurs.

The objective of AMCC is to “Understand and Address the needs of American Muslim Consumers and promote companies/entrepreneurs who are developing products for this market.

Unlike many Muslim national organizations whose focus has been more social, religious or advocacy, we took this unique initiative to establish a platform which can address Muslim Consumer needs and promote Muslim businesses, products and entrepreneurs. In the last three years of our effort we have achieved the following:

1. Conducted 3 very successful conferences which grew from 200 delegates to 400 delegates

2. We brought more than 30 successful Muslim entrepreneurs who participated in our conferences either as speakers or panelists.

3. We have brought prominent companies who are in Halal food market, Islamic Finance market, Halal travel, Halal Cosmetics, Halal certification and online portals to our platform and have helped them promote their products.

  • Amana Mutual Fund
  • University Islamic Financials
  • Zayan Takaful Insurance
  • DinarStandard
  • Crescentrating
  • One Pure Cosmetics
  • Saffron Road Food
  • Crescent Food
  • Midamar Food
  • Zabihah.com
  • Islamic Food and Nutrition Council
  • Islamic Services of America
  • Halal advocates of America
  • Muxlim
  • Azizah Magazine
  • Muslim Consumer Group
  • Edible Arrangements International Inc.
  • American Halal Association

4. We have created an awareness of the American Muslim Consumer Market by establishing active partnership, alliances with many mainstream companies.

  • Miles Young, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, one of the largest advertising and marketing agencies was a key note speaker at 2nd annual conference
  • Dr. Mehmood Khan, CEO of Nutritional Products, Pepsico was one of our speaker at 2nd annual conference
  • Marketing Directors of Best Buy, Walmart have also attended our conference as speakers

5. Two research reports were published and launched at our conferences.

  • Ogilvy released a research report “A little Empathy goes a long way, How brands can engage American Muslim Consumer” at 2nd annual conference in 2010.
  • DinarStandard’s in depth study titled, “American Muslim Market: Business Landscape & Consumer Needs” released at 3rd annual conference in 2011. DinarStandard is a prominent global Muslim market research and advisory firm specializing in the emerging Muslim markets.

6. We have established a presence in social media space and all the promotion of our conferences has been through social media with minimal budget. We have also used social media to aggregate and distribute Muslim consumer related news.

7. Coverage of AMCC in mainstream media and focused media. The second conference was covered by Associated Press which was distributed to 350 major media outlets.

8. In the last three years we have seen Halal meat available in Costco, select Shoprite stores in Pennsylvania, select Walmart stores in Illinois and Michigan, Halal frozen packaged food available in Whole Foods, and acknowledgement of Eid al-Adha festival by Best Buy in their marketing brochures

9. Launch of the Entrepreneurship Showcase. Since its launch in 2010, we have received applications from more than 50 small companies and so far 9 companies were selected to present their business plan to a panel of successful entrepreneurs. This has become the most popular session in our conference and has been compared to the popular show Shark Tank.

These achievements in such a short duration have been possible due to the dedication and creativity of many volunteers who are helping to advance the objective and vision of AMCC.