AMCC features a company every week on its social media outlets (FacebookLinkedin and Twitter) promoting products or companies which are meeting the growing needs of American Muslim Consumers. Companies/Products which were featured in the month of April were:

Guidance Residential

Guidance Residential is the leader in Sharia-compliant home acquisition product that has been carefully designed to provide you some very unique benefits. Whether you are buying a homefor the first time or wish to replace an existing conventional mortgage, our Declining Balance Co-Ownership Program allows you to enjoy the benefits of home ownership with peace of mind.

Edible Arrangements

Celebrate the end of Ramadan and feast on delicious Ramadan arrangements, featuring traditional crescent moon and star shaped pineapples. Ramadan arrangements will make colorful andbeautiful table centerpieces that your family and friends are sure to enjoy. Tariq Farid is the Founder and CEO of Edible Arrangements.


Halal tourism has been the main growing part of tourism. The whole market is quite huge. “In the United States and the UK, there are a growing number of Muslims and a growing number of wealthy Muslims,” says Karim Saad, founder of

Misk Shoppe

Misk Shoppe brings Halal perfume to the United States. Be captivated by exotic aroma of the East. Perfected in the art of perfume making, oriental perfumes have been around for thousands of years. We introduce the best of these perfumes, made from the rarest and purest ingredients, shipped direct from the United States.

At AMCC we keep a pulse on the Muslim Consumer market. These articles which were on major media outlets talk about opportunities and the growing demand in the Muslim Consumer market:

Halal products and services have evolved beyond Shari’ah compliancy, into a coherent, issues-led brand philosophy

Values which Shari’ah encourages are emblematic of mainstream CSR-friendly themes, such as organic, fair-trade and going green. This takes us back to the point I made in the beginning about Halal being manifested in key trends such as localism, provenance and eco-ethical. This all begs the big question: Can Halal break into the mainstream?

Bloomberg L.P. Opens Its 10th Global Hub in Dubai

The Dubai hub will house Bloomberg’s expanding news operations and will provide support and development resources for Bloomberg’s recently launched Islamic Finance platform (ISLM), a comprehensive solution that increases transparency and provides analytical tools to maximize investment performance in the growing Shariah finance market.

Halal food index growing at fast pace and likely to overtake Dow Jones Islamic Index

The world’s first Halal food index, the Socially Acceptable Market Investments (SAMI) Halal Food, is anticipated to grow even faster than the Dow Jones Islamic Index (DJII) in terms of size, branding and spin-off products. This index is championed by Thomson Reuters Global head of Islamic Finance & OIC Countries Rushdi Siddiqui in cooperation with Ideal Ratings. It is backed by Thomson Reuters and supported by the World Halal Forum (WHF).

Towards a Halal economy – The Power of values in global market

The sixth World Halal Forum was held in Kuala Lampur on April 4th and 5th. In the past five years, Halal has become a global issue. Halal now plays a role in government policies, multinational corporate strategies, SME development, R&D and marketing. Halal has a major impact in the food sector and beyond affecting manufacturing, retail, restaurant, travel and hospitality sectors