Americans are creative and so are American Muslims. The creativity and height of entrepreneurship can be seen in the success of Google, Ebay, Apple, Starbucks, Kindle, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Amazon, GE, 3M, P&G, Boeing, Yahoo, Walmart and many more. Most of the young Muslims are second generation, their parents have struggled to provide them good education and foundation. The hard work is now paying off and the creativity is seen in many startups which is now shaping the discourse of American Muslims and their entrepreneurship spirit. Some companies are developing mainstream products, some are developing products focused on social responsibility and the demand which exists amongst American Muslims.
Here are some companies managed/started by Muslims. Only time can tell if they will flourish with the support of 6 to 7 Million American Muslims.

EDIT: A few more companies have been added to the list, as suggested on our Facebook page.

Islamic Finance and Sharia Compliant Investments

Islamic Clothing and Muslim Lifestyle

Digital Marketing

Halal Food & Travel


Islamic Education and Arabic learning

Islamic Media and Entertainment Products

Other Suggestions:

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