The Islamic Finance National Tour was launched for two simple reasons: awareness and networking. It is a fair question to ask that: since the sponsoring companies all have websites, why bother creating a national event to showcase them and raise awareness? And finally why pick Islamic Finance as the specific topic to create a networking event around?

Awareness is not a one way street. Though some of the attendees may be aware at a high level of the various organizations being represented, this does not imply that the organizations are necessarily aware and attuned to the needs of the attendees. As these companies aim to provide a service where a gap currently exists, it is necessary that the audience feels comfortable with the services. Yes, wide ranging Sharia compliant products exist from mutual funds, CDs, real estate investment, insurance etc, but are we comfortable with them? If not, why not? What better platform than this tour to become aware.

This tour will afford a unique opportunity for attendees to be able to share their thoughts individually and collectively with regards to consumer Islamic Finance as it currently stands in America. It is our role as a consumer to shape and mold this nascent industry. This is perhaps the only industry that is rapidly growing and attracting attention as far as American Muslim consumers are concerned so it becomes imperative for us to steer it accordingly. In addition, despite the recent economic downturn, this industry has remained relatively stable which makes it more critical that as a community we come together, network, become aware, and forge next steps.

See you at an Islamic Finance event near you!

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