AMCC features a company every week on its social media outlets (FacebookLinkedin and Twitter) promoting products or companies which are meeting the growing needs of American Muslim Consumers. Companies/Products featured in the month of June are:


DinarStandard, a specialized research, advisory and business media firmempowering emerging Muslim markets for growth and global impact. “We believes that businesses are a critical force of change for tackling global human development challenges”, says Rafi Shikoh, Founder and CEO of DinarStandard.

Tom’s of Maine

Since 2006, all Tom’s of Maine products have carried the Halal endorsement, with the exception of bar soap and new Wicked Fresh! Mouthwash. The Halal endorsementcertifies that they are made in accordance with Islamic guidelines under the supervision of the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

Little Big Kids

Little Big Kids is the first US brand to offer parents a wide range of Islamic Culture Inspired Products for Kids™. “Our goal is to incorporate beautiful culture specific themes into common products that are an everyday part of your child’s life”, says Founder and CEO, Omar Khawaja. covers the entire halal food chain. For ten years, has given the consumer more control over the quality and quantity of halal food. If you do not get the desired service in a Halal restaurant, this is the place to vent.

At AMCC we keep a pulse on the Muslim Consumer market. These articles which were on major media outlets talk about opportunities and the growing demand in the Muslim Consumer market:

Supermarket speaks language of halal

Sunny Foodmart has ambitious plans to be Toronto’s top multicultural supermarket. It’s off to a good start: The halal meat counter at its second branch has won approval from theMuslim community.

Turkey eyes greater share of pie in global halal market

The size of the total global halal products market ranges from $1.2 trillion to $2 trillion per annum, according to industry experts. Turkey currently only has a small share of the pie, but it hopes to become one of the leading actors in the sector.

Muslim students at Washington U. are getting food options

When the campus’ Muslim Student Association approached the school’s food service provider, Bon Appetit, and asked it to provide halal options — food prepared in accordance with Islamic law — the company agreed. In April, with the Student Union’s support, the Bear’s Den launched a halal food service, making Washington University the first school in the state to offer halal food, according to organizers.

Sharia-compliant bank products poised for strong global growth

Awareness of Islamic finance increasing in Japan, Europe and Australia. The Islamic finance industry can now be considered to be on the global stage. Leadership in the industry has been driven out of Malaysia and the GCC and there has also been significant take up in “non-Muslim” parts of the world, where Islamic finance is seen as “good for business” and a growth market. This is particularly true in Europe, Japan and Australia.